One Nite Alone
One Nite Alone...
2002 (direct-only release)

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Prince, "One Nite Alone..." (NPG)

Prince's efforts to eliminate all interference between him and his audience takes a playful if somewhat Liberace-like turn on this new 10-song CD, available only through Billed as "solo piano and voice by Prince," the disc is the closest thing yet to an unplugged album from Mr. Passion de Chanhassen. Intimate to the point of occasionally sounding gimmicky, it fortunately is not as melodramatic or stuffy as stripped-down affairs by lesser artists. The best songs, including the choppy piano workout "Have a Heart" and elegant ballad "U're Gonna C Me," are the kind of light stuff Prince might play for his in-laws in the living room. They're pretty, sentimental and G-rated. The deepest that things get is an inspired cover of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of U," dedicated to Prince's recently deceased dad -- and it even sounds delivered with a warm smile. However, "Pearls B4 the Swine," a melodic, poppy gem, is the only cut likely to carry over into his permanent repertoire.

By Chris Riemenschneider, Local Music, 6/21/2002

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